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Our Services

Compound Coffee Co. believes in the power of coffee and its ability to help support individuals and businesses in our community. Our mission is to elevate the coffee experience by providing quality beans, knowledge, and education. We hope to spread the joy of coffee and help you develop your own unique coffee journey. With us, you're never more than a few steps away from a perfect cup.

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Coffee Beans Wholesale

Compound Coffee Co. is a premium supplier of superior-quality coffee beans. Our specialty is making your coffee experience the most enjoyable and memorable it can be. Elevate your coffee experience through our wholesale offerings and free training sessions. Join us and get ready to indulge yourself!


Coffee Roasting Service

No time to roast yourself? You can sit back and relax! and our qualified roasters will do the job. You can even request a unique profile of coffee beans for your business you can call your own. Bean storage? No problem! We have 24/7 air-conditioned storage. Let us handle all the hassle for you to get that perfect cup.

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Coffee Roasting Classes

Compound Coffee Co. is your one-stop destination for all your coffee needs. We offer a range of services, from private and group roasting classes to events, online classes, and more! Our expert roasters have the knowledge and experience to teach anyone the art of coffee roasting so that everyone can roast their own fantastic, delicious coffee.


Company Events

Compound Coffee Co. offers a unique experience to build team morale through coffee roasting. Our qualified roasters have been providing individual and group workshops customized according to the the company's needs and values. Our space is perfect for hosting intimate company events, team-building through coffee roasting, and filming.

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Build Your Own Brand

Want to start your own cafe? We know how precious it is to own your own coffee business. Hence, we are here, a one-stop coffee facility where you can build your own brand and create a unique coffee profile! We can support your every step, from sourcing your beans to roasting, packaging, and shipping. Take that step now to start making your coffee dream come true!

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Co-Roasting Space

Compound Coffee Co. offers an unparalleled approach to coffee roasting, with a 24/7 co-roasting space and championship standard tools and equipment that everyone can use. This allows even the most novice of coffee roasters to explore and perfect their craft, while taking advantage of the highest quality tools available.

Reach Out To Us Now

Compound Coffee Co. is the perfect place to bring your coffee-loving dreams to life. Reach out to us and start now!

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