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Panama Volcan Gesha Janson (96 hrs)

Panama Volcan Gesha Janson (96 hrs)


Experience yourself the unparalleled elegance of Panama Volcan Gesha, a coffee distinguished by its cultivation in the fertile volcanic soils.


This opulent selection is harmonized with the delicate zest of lemongrass, the refined sweetness of red apples, and the gentle embrace of red tea notes, creating a coffee experience of sublime sophistication and unrivaled grace.


Panama Volcan Gesha

100g / 200g


Farm: Janson Coffee Farm

Altitude: 1700 masl

Region: Tizingal, Panama Highlands

Varietal : Gesha green tip

Process: Natural fermentation 96 hrs

Dried on raised beds - 12 days


Notes: Lemongrass, Red apples, Red Tea

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